• Inter-library loan service of scientific papers from the 27,000 journals included in the National Network of Scientific and Technological Libraries (
  • Inter-library loan service at low charge from the British Library ( Almost all papers of the British Library can be loaned. British Library has a wide collection of more than ten million books and nine million scientific papers, that increase by 45,000 a year.


KETHEA's staff may borrow material from the library, while others i.e. readers, students or professionals in the mental health setting and the general public may visit the library and read or photocopy part of the material. Loaning period is 20 days, and there is a possibility for renewal after communicating with the librarian.

5 tips

Use the library catalogue in order to save time going through every shelf. Ask the assistance of the librarian. Keep good notes during your study. Every detail may be useful. Select the most current information with regard to your subject. Make use of other sources of information as well, like e-journals, data bases, and useful internet sites.

Useful links

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